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welcome to

Our main focus is to do VNMs and help complete Trial of the Magians while getting some cool items that drop off of these NMs.

We are also hoping to have fun and make friends along the way.

Policies can be found under Information (on left) or in Public Forum.

To request a pearl, apply and register here on the site.
For more info, officer names are listed under Information (on left) and in Public Forum.

A little Light VNMing

IIITubbyIII, Apr 22, 10 2:41 PM.
Only a few VNMs done Wednesday. We needed more mage support, but we did the best we could on the ones we fought. Congrats to Zenjiro on a spiffy new ammo slot!

Shoggoth x 2

Jinx Ampulla ~ Zenjiro

RamenNoodles kick butt again!

IIITubbyIII, Apr 16, 10 11:59 PM.
Nice, smooth run again today...and we got another drop! Congrats to Umezawa on Backlash Torque! We also got 2 more blue crystals, so we will be doing T3's as soon as tomorrow (attendance permitting). Stay tuned!

Yacumama x 3, Capricornus x 3

Backlash Torque ~ Umezawa

RamenNoodles is Live on the Final Fantasy XI Linkshell Community!

IIITubbyIII, Apr 13, 10 11:50 PM.

RamenNoodles has gone live on the FFXI Linkshell Community page. Please feel free to set up your character if you have not already done so and link it to RamenNoodles. Click the link below to go there!

RamenNoodles Linkshell Profile

Word of Mouth Spreads Fast

IIITubbyIII, Apr 13, 10 11:38 PM.
News of RamenNoodles success spreads fast, and many people are rushing to join our ranks. I hope this will allow us to get some runs in other time slots for a change. If you play during PST late night, please assist with getting some additional people to join our ranks so that we can still all enjoy some VNM pounding action without sacrificing other commitments!

Also, we had another rock solid day today. Great job, guys and gals! Keep up the good work.

Skuld x 3, Urd x 3

The T2 Cycle Is Complete!

IIITubbyIII, Apr 13, 10 12:04 AM.
We have now successfully defeated all T2 VNMs as a shell. Today's run was especially smooth due to awesome teamwork. Everyone listened, everyone followed the game plan, everyone did an awesome job!

Jyeshtha x 2, Farruca Fly x 2

Fatality Belt ~ Highlander
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